The path from the hobby shop to own production

It all started in a small room of a family home with a few manual tools to create the first prototypes and to make makeshift repairs.

Today, we produce small series of our own products, this includes especially the Monsoon 4 or the Sound Cube, but also contract work. We not only take on the prototypes, pilot or first series, but also follow-up orders or even the entire production.

Articulated and monitored production processes are individually planned, tested and ultimately implemented for the respective products.

Our own workshop and other production rooms, equipped with milling machines, lathes, drilling machines, blasting cabins, soldering and ESD workstations, 3D printers, cleaning systems and various tools are used daily by our trained employees daily for the production-, service- or prototyping-use.

For larger orders or the use of technologies that we cannot cover ourselves, we have built up a network of capable and reliable partners.

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